Dellaran (dellaran) wrote,

No Béarla

(seen on linguaphiles)

Here's an interesting article from the Guardian about trying to get around Ireland speaking only Irish (Gaelic):

Cá Bhfuil Na Gaeilg eoirí?

Interesting, but also depressing... I'm amazed by the amount of sheer hostility he encountered from English-speaking Dubliners.

As an American, I don't really have any right to tell the Irish what they should do with their languages, but I can't help but see a "heritage" language like Irish (or Basque, or Breton, or Navajo, or Ainu, or whatever) as a cultural treasure that needs to be preserved and fostered, not treated with disdain.

(Here's the thread in linguaphiles if you want to see the discussion there.)
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