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No Béarla

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Here's an interesting article from the Guardian about trying to get around Ireland speaking only Irish (Gaelic):

Cá Bhfuil Na Gaeilg eoirí?

Interesting, but also depressing... I'm amazed by the amount of sheer hostility he encountered from English-speaking Dubliners.

As an American, I don't really have any right to tell the Irish what they should do with their languages, but I can't help but see a "heritage" language like Irish (or Basque, or Breton, or Navajo, or Ainu, or whatever) as a cultural treasure that needs to be preserved and fostered, not treated with disdain.

(Here's the thread in linguaphiles if you want to see the discussion there.)
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What a great summation! Thank you! Love your icon, too. :D
A lot of people in the Gaelic-speaking countries don't regard the language as anything but a hallmark of poverty and ignorance, thanks to the long history of state-sponsored education only being available in English and the perception of better economic opportunities only being available in Britain and America. The concept of cultural treasures is pretty far from the minds of a lot of working-class folks *anywhere,* really, but the Church and the British government conspired to stamp out the Gaelic languages pretty thoroughly.
I like his sense of humor. It's the practical jokes that amuse me the most:

"I went out busking on the streets, singing the filthiest, most debauched lyrics I could think of" and "I stood outside a bank promising passers-by huge sums of money if they helped me rob it." *Grin*

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